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The Libra Alchemy

Concentration Meditation Trio

Concentration Meditation Trio

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The Concentration Crystal Trio is a set of three natural crystal decorations that offer a range of benefits. The Green Fluorite crystal is perfect for calming and bringing clarity to your mind during times of confusion. The White Agate crystal helps to promote balance in both mind and body, leaving you feeling more centered and grounded. Meanwhile, the Goldstone crystal increases your drive and confidence, giving you an extra boost when you need it most.

Each of the three crystals measures one inch in size, making them perfect for displaying on desks or shelves around your home or office. These natural crystals have been carefully sourced from the US, ensuring their high quality authenticity.

Designed for adults who are looking to enhance their concentration levels or simply add a touch of positive energy to their surroundings, this set has been manufactured by The Libra Alchemy - one of the leading producers in jewelry accessories & derivatives industry.

Investing in this Concentration Crystal Trio is an easy way to bring balance into your life while also experiencing all that natural crystals have to offer!



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